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This place came highly recommended by our hotel concierge and its speciality (a word Europeans prefer to use in place of specialty) is lemon lobster risoto.

It's a pretty restaurant with lots of decorative tile.  The wait staff was efficient and helpful but not at all pushy.

My wife went with the house special for her main course - that tangy, rich, lemon lobster risoto.  Risoto is a dish featuring a special type of rice that really absorbs whatever hot liquid is introduced.  It is cooked gradually and if yours comes to the table in less than twenty minutes, be suspicious.  Good risoto takes time and it must constantly be stirred to give it the desirable creamy consistency.  Sorrento is famous for it's numerous lemon groves and you'll find lemon used in many different dishes.  They even have their own special lemon liqueur which is famous worldwide.  In fact if you're like most, you'll probably leave Sorrento with a bottle to take home.

My wife said her lemon lobster risoto was excellent.  Plus she got to keep the hand painted dish it was served on as a souvenir.  A little "cheesy" but it was a beautiful plate!

For my main meal, I chose a fried seafood platter and it was excellent.  Lightly dusted fried prawns, squid, octopus, and a tiny little fish called white bait.  These little guys were about the size of a goldfish and were fried whole.  All victims were freshly plucked from the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

We finished our meals with a rich, chocolate dessert.  The whole meal with an inexpensive bottle of white wine came to about $60 U.S. which ain't bad.  We found this part of Italy to be much less expensive than Rome, Florence, or Venice.

You'll find some pictures of this place here.  Just pictures.  And the "blue" symbol at the bottom takes you to a second, associated restaurant. That is NOT the one we dined at.

Zi'ntonio is located Via Luigi de Maio 11 and I would suggest that you make a reservation at this popular place.


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