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We usually don't dine at hotel restaurants while visiting foreign cities unless they are very good or we are very tired!  This one, located in the InterContinental Hong Kong Hotel in Kowloon came highly recommended.  And since we were staying there we decided to give it a shot.  It's on the second floor of the hotel.  And by the way, the InterContinental has, in my opinion, the best view in all of Hong Kong.  It sits right on Victoria Harbor and you get a first hand view of one of the world's busiest seaports.  Giant container ships are loaded and off-loaded around the clock.  And the view of the hundreds of buildings on the Hong Kong Central side is incredible, especially at night.

This is a very elegant restaurant that specializes not only in "fresh" fish but fish that are kept live in tanks until it's their time to go.

We started out our dinner with a seafood appetizer platter for two.  It had some "usual suspects" like shrimp and oysters and some items not common in the west like steamed whelks.  It was excellently prepared and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

For my main course I wanted to try something that we definitely can't get back in the U.S.  The list of fresh fish was very impressive so I took my time and studied it carefully.  After consulting with our server, I decided to go with the red garoupa.  Our server suggested that I have it steamed so that's the way I had it prepared.  It was flavorful and wonderful.  My wife sampled something called so mei, a highly prized fish plucked out of the South China Sea.  She, too, had it steamed and it was great.  We sampled each other's fish and it was hard to proclaim which was best.

The meals came with some sort of marinated eggplant and some rich potatoes.

This is not a place for non-seafood eaters to go although they did have two or three meat dishes and one vegetarian dish on the menu, as I recall.  This is also not a place for people on a tight budget.  My wife's fresh fish came in at over $125 and my fish was just under $100.  Ouch!

More information on the restaurant can be found here.  The InterContinental Hotel's main web site is here.

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