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Okay, it's not as tough as it looks.  Repeat after me:  "Zo-Sha-Mil'-Co."  See, it's not that hard to pronounce!

Newcomers are pleasantly surprised by a thriving Latino community on Detroit's southwest side.  It's called Mexicantown and is loaded with Mexican restaurants, mercados and curio shops.  It's a true gem.  Most don't realize that Detroit has more to offer than just flying bullets and rotting blight.

Most people I know favor this restaurant over the others in Mexicantown although to be honest with you, all the menus and food are very similar.

Bagley Street - The Heart Of Mexicantown
No Shortage Of Restaurant Choices!

When you walk in Xochimilco you can tell the place has been there for a long time.  It's rather rustic and a little bit on the rundown side.  But the food is tasty and the service prompt, sometimes too prompt.

The combination platters seem to be made in advance and appear to be flashed under a Salamander to instantly heat them up for service.  So sometimes you've barely started attacking your appetizers when the main meal suddenly appears.

They have a big menu offering everything from appetizers to huevos rancheros to their famous Mexican combination dinners.

We usually start out with an order or two of botanas, depending on how many are dining at the table.  They're nachos on steroids.  A bowl piled high with corn tortillas and covered with cheese, taco meat, jalapeņo slices, green olives, guacamole, sour cream and probably some other things I'm forgetting.

Then we segue to a combination dinner.  The one I get comes with a beef taco, two enchiladas, a tamale, and a flauta or chili relleno.  Proportions are adequate but not waistline busting.

Visiting Mexicantown is a pleasant experience and there is ample parking.  And after your meal be sure to stroll around and check out the mercados (grocery stores).  There you will find massive quantities of jalapeno, poblano and other peppers, tomitalllos, and flour tortillas so fresh that they are still warm in the plastic bag after being pressed out.

One good thing about this place are the prices.  They are easily within most budgets.

Xochimilco is located at 3409 Bagley Street in Detroit.  You can call for directions at (313) 843-0179.  As far as I can tell, they do not have a web site.