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Windows is the signature restaurant of the Hilton Park Lane Hotel and is perched on the top floor of the hotel.  From the 28th floor, diners get a beautiful panoramic view of this fascinating city.

Our first meal at Windows just happened during a week when they had a visiting chef from the Hilton in Brisbane, Australia.  Appropriately he brought with him some items unique to Australia.

I'll always remember our waiter giving his schpiel:  "Our visiting chef offers filet of kangaroo this evening.  Please do not be put off by this selection as it is really quite good."   Sold me!

I started out that meal with some Sidney rock oysters on the half shell and had the 'roo for my main course.  Was the hip-hopper good?  Yes but to be honest with you I couldn't get the true flavor of the meat because it was highly seasoned with cumin and other spices.  It could be best described as kind of like a flank steak of beef.  Just a bit on the stringy side but still good.

Talk About Views!

My daughter and her husband both ordered fresh sole while my wife had a filet mignon.  This is a pretty fancy place and all of our dishes came with a sterling silver dome.  Right on cue, the tops of our meals were removed exactly at the same time by two waiters.  Each grabbed two domes to remove!

Christie (our daughter) was extremely impressed with the fact that her server actually deboned the fish right there at the table. 

We finished with desserts and a cheese board and it was a fabulous meal.  Other meals there have been equally satisfying.  They offer breakfast up there, too, and a lavish buffet spread on Sundays.

Dinner can be very expensive but what else is new for London!  And besides, the view is nothing short of stunning.

Insider tip.  I just love Trader Vic's which is located in the basement of the Hilton Park Lane.  So I'll often times sneak down there for a Mai Tai and an order of Crab Rangoon before heading upstairs to Windows.  And I've actually been seen going back to Trader's place for a hot buttered rum to finish the evening!

The London Park Lane Hilton web site is here, hopefully.


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