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This is one of those Brazilian places that offers a parade of non-stop meat brought to your table by servers armed with skewers or swords stacked full of meat.

Quiet Before the Dinner Crowd Arrived

This restaurant is just down the pier from the beautiful Auckland Hilton Hotel.  I asked the concierge to make a reservation when we arrived at the hotel and he did although this was a Saturday night and the only seating available was outside.  Usually that's fine but this was a cold and blustery night.  The temp was probably in the low 50s, there was a stiff wind and it was spitting rain.

More Outside Dining
(Plastic Curtains Come out at Night When it's Cold)

This visit came in late September just as their winter was ending and like most restaurants that offer outdoor seating, this place had plastic "curtains" to keep the wind out somewhat and it also had electric heaters and gas fired torches to help warm things up.  Still it was chilly with blasts of wind sneaking in from time to time.

Locals love to gather at the bar here.  The place was jammed.  Trying to get to the bathroom was an effort due to the packed house.

Your meal here (it's about $45NZ a head for all you can eat) begins with an appetizer tray.  On the tray you'll find blue cheese spread, Greek olives, a couple of shrimp and some tasty meatballs.  Then the meat attack begins!

You'll be offered roasted chicken legs, lamb, beef, pork ribs and sausage.  Somewhere along the line a tower with various levels is placed on the table.  On top are fried potato wedges.  On another level you'll find salad.  And on the bottom level there is broccoli and rice.

The food here was good but not quite as good as other Brazilian themed restaurants we've tried around the world (Aruba, Buenos Aires, etc.).  We still recommend this place to you and if you go on a week night you won't have to deal with the crowds we ran into.

When my wife asked to see a dessert menu, the waiter said he'd be right back.  He returned with a gigantic dessert trolley and my wife's eyes about bugged out.  She loves sinful desserts while traveling and she got a great fix of chocolate here.  The dessert is extra but well worth it.

The Dessert Wagon - Yum!

Dinner tab with two beers and that dessert came to $114NZ which is good value for money.

They have a web site here.


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