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We arrived in Ayr after taking the train first from Edinburgh to Glasgow and then connecting in Glasgow for the short hop on into Ayr.  We arrived at a rather queer time---2pm.  We had not been able to grab any lunch so we asked the people at our hotel, the charming Fairfield House, for recommendations.  One person suggested a place she called "Wellington Coffee."  It was about a mile down the way in the heart of Ayr and she told us it was open non-stop from mid-morning through the dinner hour.

So we took off on foot and found the place with no problems.  Only it wasn't called "Wellington Coffee" but rather the Wellington Fish Restaurant.

This is not a fancy restaurant!  It has a large take-away counter and a small and cramped area for sit-down diners.  The wooden booths are tight and uncomfortable but okay.

We checked out the menus and could feel a little coating of grease on them.  Hey, this is a fish and chips place!

We each ordered the Wellington special.  Two good size pieces of fried fish (I suspect it was haddock but it could have been cod), chips (fries) and peas.  In this case, they weren't the traditional mushy peas but just standard green peas.  All of this for under 6 pounds ($12  U.S. a person).  Believe me, that's a bargain for this part of the world!  Most fish and chips we encountered went for at least 12 pounds ($24 U.S.).

The fish was quite good although the batter was just a hair undercooked next to the inside of the fish.  The chips were okay and the peas were great.  Melt in your mouth tender.

On this trip, we were on a mission to try as much haggis prepared in as many ways possible and when we saw it on the menu here, we had to try a side order.  And what they did here was just take a block of haggis about the size of a large candy bar, batter it up and deep fry it right along side the fish!  Haggis is the traditional dish of Scotland and consists mainly of animal by-products and cereal filler.  It was pretty tasty although far from the best haggis we had on this particular trip.

This little place doesn't have a web site but if you'd like to give it a shot, just ask anybody to point you in the right direction.  It's a short to long walk from most Ayr hotels.  The restaurant is located at 102 Sandgate and you can ring them up at 263 859.