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We had passed this place in Detroit's eastern suburbs dozens of times and never stopped in for a meal. That was a mistake!

Waves is located along a stretch of scenic Jefferson Avenue known as the Nautical Mile.  The eatery tries to conjure up an island feel to it.  Once inside you'll find fake palm trees, huge wooden tikis and a few booths that reminded me ever so slightly of Trader Vic's.  By the way, if you're ever in the Detroit area you simply must cruise along the shores of Lake St. Clair on Jefferson Avenue.  The lake is huge (you can't see land on the other side) and on a sunny day it's as blue as the Atlantic.

The menu offers a wide variety of food, which usually scares me off.  I mean I love big menus if the kitchen can measure up and in this case, they apparently are doing so.

After studying the menu carefully my wife ordered a lunch special - coconut encrusted tilapia.  I ordered a Waves seafood platter off the dinner menu. Each came with two sides.  I got split pea soup and a Waves house salad.  My wife got French fries and cole slaw.

My split pea soup was outstanding and nice and hot.  So hot I burned the roof of my mouth.  It was too good to wait for it to cool off.  The house salad was good, too.  My wife raved about her cole slaw and she's hard to please in that area.

The main courses arrived and on my platter were three jumbo shrimp, three jumbo scallops and a good size filet of fish.  The server said it was perch but it couldn't have been.  That filet would have come off a 3 pound perch and I've never seen one that big.  It wasn't cod, for sure.  I'm thinking it was whitefish out of Lake Superior.  Whatever it was it was very good.  The shrimp, as mentioned, were huge and had some sort of a sweetish batter.  The scallops were so big that it took at least two bites if not three to eat each one. And the fish was a good portion.  For being in a saltwater  landlocked city and no doubt all of the seafood I had was frozen, they did a really nice job.

My wife's coconut encrusted tilapia was very good, too.  I know because she insisted that I try a bite.

There was a heavy emphasis on Cuban items on this menu including black bean soup with onions and while no Cuban sandwiches were on the menu we saw, we did see Cuban sandwiches on a menu posted on the wall of the entrance to the place as we left.

This was our first visit here but we'll be back.  The greeters and servers couldn't have been more friendly.  And I almost forgot to mention, the freshly baked bread with a strong hint of garlic was absolutely addictive.

You'll find directions and the menu on their online website.