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This restaurant caters mainly to tourists staying in or visiting The Rocks area of Sydney and affords beautiful views of the famous Sydney Opera House just across the harbour.

Tourist place or not, we really enjoyed the food here.  In fact it was the only Sydney restaurant that we hit twice during our visit.

This visit came in September just as winter was coming to an end but it was still chilly and the only space they had available was outside.  But they had a ton of gas fired torches and electric heaters to take some of the bite out of the wind.  It was probably 53F the first night we dined there.

Note the big, gas heaters. Nice and quiet before the crowds arrived!

I started out with some fresh, local mussels and they were terrific.  They came to the table in a crock in a broth thick with tomatoes and tomato sauce along with wine and the sauce was absolutely loaded with finely minced garlic, just the way I love it!  My wife tried the lobster bisque and loved it.

The delicious mussels.  Big, tender, wonderful!

For my main course (and by the way in Australia, your appetizer or starter is called an entree there) I went with the grilled seafood plate.  It consisted of Morton Bay bugs (a type of shovel lobster), shrimp scampi, some octopus,  a couple of giant prawns, a scallop or two, a couple of rock oysters some salmon, some great seasoned rice, some cherry tomatoes and instead of tarter sauce, it came with a zesty aioli sauce.  Being a Yank I'm used to enjoying lobster with drawn butter but you'll be hard pressed to find it in Australia.  I suppose if you asked for it they'd be happy to comply but it's not the normal way to eat shellfish in this part of the world.

I know, it doesn't look good but this grilled seafood plate was a perfect 10, believe me!
L to R:  Bugs, prawns, octopus, salmon, & barbecued oysters.

A slightly better view from another angle.

My wife went with the fresh barramundi (a favorite Australian fish that can be found in fresh or salt water) and it was served in a nice, creamy sauce with pearl onions and capers.  They coated the fish in garlic crumbs before sautéing it was very, very good.

To end this meal, my wife selected a nice dessert although for the life of me I can't remember what it was.  I do remember that she enjoyed it!

On our second visit to the Waterfront my wife and I started with a Cold Seafood Entree as a starter.  It came with 1 scallop, 2 Sydney rock oysters, 2 king prawns, 1 Morton Bay bug, and smoked salmon (which was absolutely out of this world).

For our mains I selected flathead fish and chips (flathead is a local fish and very good).  My wife had the grilled John Dory.  After taking one bite out of my fried fish and chips and loving it and looking forward to finishing it, my wife had a funny look on her face.  The texture of the John Dory didn't suit her so I offered to switch.  While I really had my heart set on flathead fish and chips, I thought the John Dory was excellent.

Again, my meal ended with a cup of hat java.  My wife chose another nice dessert, probably chocolate but memory fails me.

If you're staying at the Park Hyatt in the Rocks this restaurant is just a minute's walk away.  But no matter where you're staying in the Sydney area, we highly recommend the Waterfront to you.  It's not cheap but throw in the Opera House view and we think it's reasonable.  Our final meal there came to $129A with a bottle of wine.  That equates to just over $96US.  Not bad at all.

For more on the Waterfront, check out their web site here.


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