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The first thing we did when we checked into the fashionable Malmaison Hotel in Manchester was to look outside.  And down on a little alleyway right next to the hotel was an extremely neat little pub called The Waldorf.

One afternoon after exploring the city, we popped in for a pint and some grub.  It was just starting to rain and there were only a handful of tables occupied.  Then the rain picked up and people crammed into the place to eat lunch and stay dry.  Fifteen minutes after we got there all the tables had been taken and the bar was mobbed by thirsty patrons.

The Waldorf is Right Next to the Malmaison Hotel

As usual in the U.K., everybody was delightfully friendly inside this packed pub including the overworked guys behind the bar.

I started out with a pint of Boddington's.  It just so happened that the day before, Manchester got the shocking news that Boddington's was phasing out its bitters plant.  That brewery had been there for practically forever and Manchester folks were extremely angry. Then I switched gears and had a pint of Stella Artois.

The way it works in British pubs is this.  You go up to the bar and order your pints and food.  You return to your table with the beer but a publican (pub staff member) fetches your food to the table for you.

I ordered fish and chips and my wife ordered a ham and cheese paninni sandwich.

Warm, Cozy and Very Friendly!

The fish and chips was good, very good.  It amazes me how these pubs always have nice, fresh fish on hand.  Even at some of the most reputable fish houses in the U.S. it can be a hit and miss proposition.  My wife's sandwich was good, too.  Both meals came with a small but tasty salad.

Give this place a shot if you're in the area.  It's located just down the street from Piccadilly Train Station and right next to the Malmaison Hotel.


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