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As often happens, we wound up at this establishment totally by accident and I'm really glad we did.  This was one of our best meals in Virginia Beach.

The Restaurant is Just to the Left of the "Atlantic Food" Sign

Our daughter got wind of what she thought was going to be a great seafood buffet where the seafood is actually fresh.  The place was called Fishbones.  So we piled the family into one of VB's little trolleys and headed for the restaurant. 

As soon as we entered we realized that there was no buffet there.  It had been discontinued for the season one week earlier.  Our daughter remembered that a person at the front desk of our hotel had recommended a seafood buffet nearby called the Upper Deck.  So we headed that direction.

We found the Upper Deck and climbed a large staircase with gaudy carpet that looked like it had been there for a hundred years.  The place had a musty smell to it.  Once at the top of the stairs the joint had a downright frightening look to it.  It was a big restaurant but there were only four our five tables occupied.  My son-in-law and I checked the buffet items and said they looked absolutely awful.  So back down the stairs we went in search of a decent meal.

We had passed an Italian joint on the way to the Upper Deck and it looked and smelled good.  You could smell the garlic pouring out the front door.  We went back there and took our seats at the Venice Italian Ristorante and Bar.

We got the last table.  The place was packed and by now it was 9 o'clock and our three year old grandkids were tired and hungry and anxious to get busy throwing food.

Nothing Fancy but Pleasant, Family Atmosphere & Friendly Staff

I immediately ordered a house carafe of white wine and it was cold and tasty.  We got a couple of orders of garlic bread for the table and a couple of orders of calamari.  The bread was great and so was the squid.

For my main meal I got penne ala vodka.  The pasta was perfectly cooked and the sauce was creamy and rich with a touch of tomato sauce and excellent.  I got mine plain but you can add chicken or shrimp for a little extra.  My wife ordered stuffed shells and raved about her dish smothered with melted cheese and sauce.  Our daughter got manicotti and it was wonderful.  Our son-in-law went with ravioli, as I recall.  Whatever it was that he got it was good.

We all really enjoyed this restaurant and based on our one and only visit, we'd highly recommend it to you.

As far as I know, they do not have a web site.  But they're easy to find at 1516 Atlantic Avenue.  You can ring them up at (757) 425-1360.