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This was an unexpected and very tasty discovery.  We were driving from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Chincoteague, Virginia and started looking for a place to eat lunch once we crossed the huge bridge - the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

We passed by a very nice looking restaurant in the town of Exmore, Virginia and made a u-turn and doubled back to stop for lunch.

This is a very elegant looking place with a very ambitious menu heavy on fresh seafood.

We were seated immediately.  The place was pretty much empty, which worried us a bit.  But the entire staff couldn't have been any nicer and we began our meal.

They have a small salad bar.  Nothing to write home about but enough to take the edge off before the meal arrives.

There were six of us--four adults and two loveable, food throwing babies.  I selected a lovely mixed seafood and mushroom dish in a wine cream sauce.  It was great with plenty of shrimp, scallops and lump crab meat.  Our daughter got something similar.  My wife had an incredibly wonderful broiled flounder.  And our son-in-law had a fried crab cake sandwich and pronounced it excellent.  The babies found the food just perfect for throwing on the floor!

The gals had some sort of chocolate dessert and the tab, without any beer, wine or cocktails came to just over a c-note with tip.  So this isn't an inexpensive place for lunch!  But from our one time there, it was very, very  good and worth every cent.  It's rather out in the middle of nowhere and one wonders where they draw their local business from.  But they are obviously quite successful.

The Trawler is located at 2555 Lankford Highway in Exmore, Virginia.  Their phone number is (757) 442-2092.  And the now have  a web site here.