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We only had a short time on this interesting island and mainly ate at little mom and pop type dining establishments or at our hotel, the Hyatt Regency Guam right on Tumon Bay.  It was a pretty setting.

Usually we try to hit the local cuisine heavily and avoid established hotel dining rooms but when you get in late and you've got only a couple of days on an island it becomes a necessary evil.  To the Hyatt's credit, their restaurants were extremely well done.

We had an extra couple of hours  to kill on the way to the airport and couldn't resist the temptation as we passed a familiar name in the restaurant business - Tony Roma's.  We were curious to see if there was anything really exotic and local on the menu or whether it was a traditional Tony Roma's.  For example, in Aruba one local Pizza Hut puts out special gouda cheese pizzas found nowhere else.

This is large international chain that got its start in the south Florida area.  For many years, Tony Roma's had about the same mystique as Coors beer since Coors was only available in a limited area.   When you were lucky enough to be in a state that had a Tony Roma's, you just had to dine there.  Now, of course, they have restaurants all over the world.

We were curious to see what a branch of this famous chain would look like so far away from its Florida roots and the results were good.

If you know anything about Tony Roma's then you know they're famous for their baby back ribs (and St. Louis and other ribs!).  So I ordered the full slab and it was just as tender and wonderful as any of dem bones I've enjoyed at their restaurants in Florida over the years.  My wife got the barbecued chicken and it was excellent, too.  The barbecue sauce was the same wonderful stuff. No local surprises on the menu.  In fact if you didn't know, you would have had absolutely no idea that you were eating at a Tony Roma's way off in Guam, more than 8,000 miles from the birthplace of "A Place For Ribs."

I guess it really doesn't matter where you are when you have a taste for Tony Roma's. The quality is excellent.  So if it's ribs you crave in Guam, you know where to go!

If you'd like to visit their web site, click here.


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