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We were cruising along and happened upon this place totally by accident.  It was a leisurely Sunday of exploring the area and we figured out that we were hungry around 1:30.

We approached this restaurant and ducked in since the parking lot was full -- always a good sign!  The place was packed with mainly locals.  The bar was overflowing it was so crowded and most tables were occupied, too.

Our waitress promptly took our drink orders and returned with two giant glasses of ice tea.  This is the land of good, old, southern "sweet tea" so you have to really make a point with your server if you want unsweetened ice tea.

We started out with an order of fried calamari.  It was crisp and excellent.  The marinara sauce it came with, however, lacked "something" although we couldn't exactly put our finger on it.  For one thing it needed a little salt, which is unusual.  I think some heat would have livened it up, too.

For our main course for lunch I chose an "ultimate" fish sandwich.  My wife went with a shrimp po boy sandwich.  My fish sandwich was gigantic and one of the biggest I've ever encountered.  Not only was the bun huge (it was a po boy bun and not standard sandwich bun) but the slab of fried grouper was giant.  I'll bet the filet probably weighed 10 ounces if not more.  Nowadays that's rare.  Most fish portions are 3 or 4 ounces -- at best.  The fish was delicious and while it probably wasn't fresh, it tasted fresh.  And we know our grouper since we used to have a boat in the Gulf of Mexico and pulled 'em in often.  My wife's shrimp po boy was very good.  She had only one complaint.  It came with peppery chipotle mayonnaise sauce and she would have preferred tartar.  I dipped my finger in her sauce and I, personally, thought it was a nice fit with the shrimp.  Her sandwich was big but not nearly as large as my grouper.

Our server was very friendly and we really enjoyed this place.  If you'd like more information on the Sunset Grille, they have a nice little web site right here.  This review covered our first visit.  We've been back many times since then and have always been very satisfied here.  The only slight negative thing is that they've switched out grouper with some fish from the Far East.  Still, "the ultimate fish sandwich" is still killer good.