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We were dead tired when we checked into the Albany Hotel in Edinburgh.  We had flown all night getting into London and then took a long train ride from London to Edinburgh.  Plus we had just hauled our luggage to the hotel on foot from the train station which was a brisk hike.

We asked the kind lady behind the reception desk if there were any good Scottish restaurants in the neighborhood.  She beamed about a place just down the street called Stac Polly.  We asked her if she would be kind enough to make a reservation for us and by the time we got to our room, the phone was already ringing with confirmation.

I am so glad she made the suggestion.  This place was great.  It is in the lower level of a building and while it's certainly first class all the way, it doesn't feel stuffy.  It's a very high ticket place but you can feel comfortable bringing your kids to this restaurant if they are reasonably behaved.

There are actually three Stac Polly establishments.  The one we chose is located on Dublin Street.

Elegant But Not Stuffy

I made a promise to myself that I was going to try haggis on this trip and I was delighted and, well a little fearful, too, when I saw it on the menu as an appetizer.  It was haggis in filo dough.  Ya know what?  I thought it was absolutely brilliant, as the Scots would say!  It reminded me very much of a couple of things we have back home in the states---scrapple in Philadelphia and goetta in Cincinnati.  It was very mild tasting here and I'd highly recommend it.

Haggis Kicked Up a Notch (Sorry Emeril!)

My wife started off with a haddock and potato soup.  Creamy, rich, wonderful.

For our mains, I selected a stack of sea bream and they were sautéed just perfectly.  My wife defaulted to the salmon and it was absolutely wunderbar.  Wait a minute, this is Scotland and not Deutschland!

I sipped coffee while my wife indulged in a peach vanilla parfait to bring her meal to a close.

Our Great Hosts for the Evening

I'd highly recommend Stac Polly to you.  We thoroughly enjoyed the place.

For sample menus, directions, and other information.  Check out their web site here.


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