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There are many hearty restaurants in Munich but our very favorite is Spatenhaus located at Residenzstrasse 12 right across the street from the Munich Opera House on Max-Joseph-Platz.

The decor is all about wood.  Cute little typical German looking chairs and friendly waiters and waitresses.  And you'd be wise to make a reservation.  On one occasion we were only seated with the understanding that we would have to be done with our meal by a certain time in order to accommodate a reservation made earlier for the table.

Spatenhaus serves up gigantic portions of true Bavarian cuisine.  I hate to admit it but we usually start with the Bavarian appetizer plate featuring air cured ham, thinly sliced radishes, bread with cream cheese and herbs, and other local treats.  Then we move on to the famous Bavarian platter.  This thing is all about Bavarian meat.  You get at least two kinds of wursts (sausages), a turkey leg, and some token veggies like broccoli and perhaps cabbage.

The Deutsche Appetizer - Air Cured Ham, Radishes & Other Goodies

My Wife Contemplating The Big Bavarian Platter

You won't leave this place with sticker shock since prices are quite reasonable. And if you enjoy a brewski or two with your meal, it's hard to beat the local favorite for which the restaurant got it's name.  Sip a Spaten-Franziskaner-Bier in a a big glass with the red Spatenhaus logo on the side.

This place is extra nice and cozy on a cold Bavarian night when snowflakes are falling and the aroma is just wonderful the minute you walk in the door.

If you want a true and authentic Bavarian experience, then be sure to put Spatenhaus on your "must dine" list in Munich.

If they do have a web site, I couldn't find it but there is some information on the eatery here.