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This was an interesting dining experience and a good one.  On our first trip through Bratislava we dropped by the Forum Hotel for a cocktail and were extremely impressed by their facilities.  So the next time we wound up in Bratislava, we booked an overnight stay at the Forum and dined in their fine restaurant called the Slovakia Restaurant.

In our experience, we found that Bratislava has the blended feeling of old Eastern Block times along with the relatively new democracy.  There were unmistakable signs of the past including drab buildings built during the cold war days but also bright new structures.  And the meal service at the Slovakia Restaurant mirrored that pattern.

The starters were served by a tuxedo clad waiter on one large sterling silver plate.  While this gentlemen had certainly been taught to be efficient he was not cordial.  He would quickly place the tray under a diner's nose and after the choice was made, the tray was almost jerked to the next diner or his or her selection.  No smile.  No warmth.  Just efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!

The food was top notch all the way.  A nice starter selection of pates, shrimp, smoked pheasant and other temptations.

For our main course, each of us ordered a different item.  As usual, my wife went with a filet mignon and it was cooked perfectly.  It was accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes with nicely golden browned tops and baby carrots on the side.  I had roasted chicken and it was great.  Our son-in-law had some sort of pasta seafood concoction and loved it.  And our daughter wolfed her way through fresh salmon.

For desserts, the usual suspects were presented and while the women couldn't resist some chocolate treats, my son-in-law and I enjoyed a snifter of brandy and then sneaked outside to finish the meal with a Cuban cigar.

With wine, the meal came to no more than $90 U.S. for the four of us and it was a most enjoyable, and as I mentioned, interesting experience.

Other than the overly efficient waiters at the Slovakia Restaurant, everybody else at this hotel seemed to be bent on courteous service.  Very impressive!

Note:  This hotel has since changed affiliations and is now part of the Crowne Plaza chain.  It still looks the same, though.  Their web site is here: