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Normally when a restaurant is referred to as a "fish camp" in northern Florida or southern Georgia, it means a no-frills, inexpensive place more resembling a shack than anything else.  But in this case, Skippers is a really upscale "fish camp!"  And it ain't cheap!

We stopped by the local tourist office while exploring this historic southern Georgia town and asked for a recommendation on a good place to enjoy some seafood.  This place came up and it was just a short drive down a small street.

This restaurant offers a very pleasant setting for diners.  And by the way, even thought it may be 90 outside, it'll be chilly inside so the ladies might want to bring a light sweater.

We checked out the menu and my wife ordered a fried grouper sandwich.  I ordered a salad and a fried oyster po boy sandwich and a salad.  I was a little surprised when I asked for French dressing and was told they didn't have it.  What kind of a restaurant doesn't offer French salad dressing?   Oh well.

Our waitress was a bit of a "ding bat" on our one and only visit here -- so far.  After fifteen or twenty minutes she dashed by and said our sandwiches would be right out.  What about my salad?  I had so summon someone else to fetch the greens and they came just as the sandwiches arrived.  So I plowed through the salad and by the time I got to my oyster po boy, it had cooled off just a bit.

My wife's grouper sandwich was a big hit.  Fried golden brown and it tasted fresh.  The portion was almost more than she could eat.  My fried oyster po boy sandwich was very good but fairly small.  It probably had 10 small fried oysters on and they tasted fresh.

Checking out the rest of the menu in the anticipation of a future visit, we noticed entrees on the far side of $20.  A little steep for a place that bills itself as a "fish camp."  Still our experience here was good and we recommend it.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the view.  It's right on the Darien River and shrimp boats are anchored up just down the way affording nice views.

For directions and to check out the menu, they have a web site here.

PS-They appeared to have a separate oyster bar restaurant semi-attached.  It looked interesting and busy.  A guy next to me wolfed down a dozen raw oysters and they looked fantastic.  I'm sorry I didn't order a few.  Next time!