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It is with extreme sadness that we have to note that this wonderful place was forced to close in February of 2010 because of a downturn in business. While all of America attempts to rebound from the recession at the time of this writing, the Detroit area has been much harder hit than most other places.  Read this review and think about what a wonderful and accommodating this place really was. 

This is a great place to go for a fine steak.  Like coach Shula, my favorite cut of meat here is the 24 ounce porterhouse.  Then again the two pound slab of perfectly cooked prime rib is always a temptation.

Much to our liking, Shula's is dignified but anything but stuffy.  And the wait staff is excellent. Make that outstanding. 

One unique thing about Shula's is the menu.  It's a football in Miami Dolphin colors that lists all the temptations.  You just hand it off to the next diner when you're done.

There it is -- my favorite cut at Shula's, the 24 ounce Porterhouse.  It's the coach's fav, too!

Your evening begins when your server takes your drink order and then returns with a cart full of beef and a live, four pound lobster.  The server explains that Shula's only serves black angus beef and that only one percent of all cattle qualify to be served at Shula's.  He or she then picks up each piece of beef and explains what you'll be getting if you order that particular cut. Then, the poor old four pound lobster is hoisted up for display.  His little eyeballs roll around as if he had just been awakened.  Guess how old that four pound lobster is?  They average about 7 years per pound.  So a four-pounder is about 28 years old!

You are tempted by either a beefsteak tomato salad to start with crumbled up gorgonzola cheese and red onions or a Caesar salad. The latter is not tossed tableside, which is just fine with me.  I don't like to go to places where other diners are looking at you while the waiter ignites your cherries jubilee!  There are other starters like a jumbo shrimp cocktail.  Everything is great here.

If you prefer fish, Shula's always has a fresh selection and your server will explain what's in the refrigerator.  Notice I said fridge and not freezer!

Your server will remind you to place your custom made dessert order as you order your main meal.  And they've got some great desserts here.

To go along with your side of beef, Shula's offers wonderful creamed spinach and asparagus with a bowl full of hollandaise sauce.  Or you can select one of the biggest baked potatoes you've ever seen.

This is not an inexpensive restaurant.  Dinner for four with a drinks can easily ding you $250 without tip.  But you're just about guaranteed a fine meal and with excellent service.  Interestingly, too, this is one place that while elegant, doesn't give you "that look" if you bring your kids with you.

Tackle a 48 ounce slab of meat and be honored with an engravement!

All things considered, this is our very favorite of the upscale and expensive steakhouses.  We've never been disappointed at any Shula's Restaurant.

We've enjoyed meals at several of the coach's eateries around the nation.  This review was done on the Troy, Michigan restaurant located in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel.   Want to hear something funny?  The Troy Marriott is just east of I-75 at exit 69 which is.....Big Beaver!  I'm not makin' that up. Their web site is here.