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An associate and good friend at WROR radio in Boston introduced me to this place.  His name was Andy Moes.  Sadly, we lost Andy awhile back due to heart trouble.  He was one of the funniest, most creative and talented people I've ever been blessed to call a friend.  And he loved fine dining.

Andy took me to Seasons in the early 80s.  He knew the chef there, a guy by the name of Jasper White.  Yup - the now world famous Jasper White.  Jasper's sous chef was Lydia Shire.  Yup - another now world famous chef!  Jasper and Lydia took us behind the scenes and showed us how the kitchen operated and they whipped up a beautiful luncheon for us.  I'll always remember Jasper talking about how many hours he worked each week.  And Lydia had obvious battle scars on her hands and arms---little marks triggered by hot food splattering on her.

Jasper insisted that we begin the meal with something he personally invented, lobster sausage.  It was wonderful and came in a natural casing just like you'd find with Italian sausage.  Then we moved onto a salad, some soup and an incredibly delicate chicken dish.  And they served up a sinfully rich chocolate/strawberry dessert for us.

I'll always remember driving home after that meal how I wished I could cook like that.  And Lord knows I've tried.  And while I'm half way decent in the kitchen and have cooked in several celebrity events, I don't know how people like Jasper and Lydia do it!  They're hard working, immensely talented and very creative people.

I've dined at Seasons several times and on one occasion California vintners invited selected guests for a really ritzy luncheon and wine tasting.  Among the instantly recognizable guests was the late Julia Child.  She was much taller off camera!  Probably nearly 6'2" and a very nice woman.

Each place setting had probably 8 wine glasses of different sizes and shapes.  Marci Mondavi was sitting at our table, the daughter of famous wine maker Robert Mondavi.  Each winemaker would rise from a table, clang a knife on a wine glass to shut us up and get our attention.  He or she would then explain the food selection and the wine to perfectly match it.  This went on from the smoked pheasant appetizer, through the soup, salad, main courses and dessert.  A most memorable meal.

As for Jasper White's whereabouts, he branched out to start several of his own restaurants including the Summer Shack.   Lydia Shire has been involved with several restaurants, her latest Biba in Boston.  Check out her impressive bio here (just punch in her name from the pull down sheet).

For your "big night out" in Boston, Seasons is highly recommended.