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We just "happened" upon this big, sparkling restaurant while exploring Anchorage during a winter trip.  We were tooling around not headed in any particular direction when we passed by this place.  It looked so good we just had to stop in.  And it was a good choice!

It was about 4:30 and the restaurant had just shifted from the lunch to dinner menu, which was fine with us because we had skipped lunch that day while sightseeing.

My wife couldn't resist the clam chowder to start with and it was excellent.  I tend to try and stick with "local" things so I began my dinner with some fried halibut nuggets.  Golden perfection on a plate.  We dashed to the huge salad bar and loaded up on some great greenery before the appetizers arrived.  Nice salad bar!  In fact they have two of 'em.

For my main course I had a lovely seafood au gratin dish.  I think it, too, was halibut but looking back on it,  I can't guarantee it.  Whatever it was, it was fabulous in a light but creamy cheese sauce with wine.  I've tried to recreate it here at home but with less than desirable results.  I either get it too cheesy and gooey or too thin.  Or the cheese tends to "clot" in the dish.  My wife chose a cut of prime rib cooked to a perfect rare.  It's hard to get prime rib that rare at most places and she really enjoyed it, especially since we had eaten a lot of fish and shellfish on this trip.

I was too stuffed for dessert but my wife ordered a really good looking apple tart or something like that and it came with a nice scoop of ice cream.

For directions to this big and impressive restaurant, head to their web site right here.  And enjoy your meal there!

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