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It's interesting how we found this place.  It made the local Jacksonville television news one night for charging an additional twenty-five cents per sandwich, lunch and dinner entree to offset higher costs prompted by sky high gas prices.  Rather than make an expensive menu change, they just posted a hand written note at the cashier.  It looked like a typical Florida seafood joint and we decided to give it a try one Sunday afternoon.

We weren't really expecting much.  The place was hard to find (on the rear side of a strip mall away from main traffic on Atlantic Blvd.) and it was small.  The inside was kind of on the worn side and a couple of the waitresses were really going at it for some reason when we arrived.

That's A Giant Moonfish On The Wall -- Found Not In Florida But In Hawaii And They Are Delicious!

The place was pretty packed with mainly people who were having lunch after church services.  But something caught my eye.  Incredibly beautiful fish filets and gigantic portions going out to other tables.

We checked over the menu and ordered two appetizers.  I chose conch fritters and my wife went with a smoked fish spread.  The fritters were really inexpensive and there were a lot of them.  They were very good.  My wife's smoked fish spread was good too.

For our main courses my wife chose a shrimp salad.  The waitress asked her if she wanted it all mixed up or the shrimp separate with the sauce on the side.  She got it all mixed together.  I choose the grouper fish dinner with a side of veggies.

Nothing Fancy -- Just Damned Good Food!

The shrimp salad was strange but not bad.  It had chunks of shrimp, mayo, eggs, and pickle relish.  Like I said, it was strange.  It also came with some nice, fresh tomato slices.  My grouper was incredible.  There were three huge pieces, each probably weighing 6 or 7 ounces--maybe more.  The batter was absolutely perfect!  Yum but too much to eat, even for me, so I got a doggy bag and brought one and a half filets home for dinner.  I can't say for sure, but it tasted like fresh fish.  And for a change, I know for sure it was grouper.  All too often when you order grouper, you get something that was born and farm raised in Asia that is passed off as grouper.  But we used to catch 'em in our own boat on the West Coast of Florida so I know my grouper.

Lunch with two teas came to $34. 

This was our first visit.  Since then we've been back many times and always with the same, delicious results.  This ain't fine dining.  Nothing fancy here.  Just really good Florida seafood.  And while the seafood platters are good, it's the fresh grouper that steals the show.  If nothing else, just order a grouper sandwich.  For roughly six bucks, there's so much fish there's no way the bun can accommodate it.  But that's a good thing!

They don't have a web site but Menuism does take a look at the menu here.  You'll find the Seafood Kitchen located at 31 Royal Palms Drive in Atlantic Beach in the Jacksonville area.  They're a little hard to find but well worth it.  Before you give up, call them for vectors at (904) 241-8470.