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We wound up eating at this Cancun branch of the world famous steak house by mistake.  It's funny how it happened now but back then it was exasperating to say the least.

We had visited the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum for most of the day.  It was blazing hot and we were sunburned and exhausted.  As we headed back to Cancun we discussed where we would stop for dinner and decided to just cruise around and see what looked good.

We passed an incredibly beautiful place specializing in live lobster right on the lagoon.  I was so thirsty I could have gone through a bathtub of ice tea and absolutely couldn't wait to place my order.  Once seated my wife immediately bolted for the restroom and the server was nowhere in sight.  By the time my wife returned from the restroom, our waiter still hadn't made it to the table to take our drink order.  Just as he arrived my wife said we had to leave!  Why?  Well this restaurant was right on the water and she was getting sea sick just looking out the window.  Oy!!!!  She's really sensitive on and around water.

Finally -- enter Ruth's Chris' place in Cancun!

We got back in the rental car and saw a welcoming Ruth's Chris just down the street, found a lucky parking place, and rushed inside to order a ton of ice tea! 

The Cancun version was very similar to all the other Ruth's Chris branches that we've sampled in the U.S. including their Washington, D.C. restaurant.  It's always a very elegant experience but not to the point where it's stuffy.

For my starter I chose New Orleans barbecued shrimp.  This is not the traditional barbecue sauce that you're used to but a buttery, peppery, highly spiced sauce that's so good you really should dip some bread into it after you've devoured the shrimp.  My wife went for some seafood gumbo.  Both were excellent.  It was nice to see those items on the menu.  This restaurant chain was born in New Orleans and we used to live down in the Big Easy.  Our kids just sat there and didn't care for an appetizer.

I was powerful hungry that night so I also had a Caesar salad.  My wife said she didn't want a salad but wound up eating half of mine when I realized I wouldn't have room for the steak if I ate the whole salad!

For the carnivorous course I chose a New York strip cooked very rare.  My son went the same direction but woosed out and ordered his cooked medium.  My wife ordered what she usually does here, a filet mignon cooked very rare.  Our daughter selected a ribeye cooked rare.  We also ordered a few extras for the table to share including mashed potatoes with a hint of roasted garlic, some creamed spinach (they do perhaps the best rendition of this that I've ever tasted) and even though we had ordered some mashed potatoes our son insisted on some French fries, too.

Everything was perfect although my steak could have been a bit more rare.  I like it with a cool center.  This was little warm but certainly acceptable.

I was way too full to even think about dessert.  Ditto for my son.  But my wife and daughter found room to share some sort of apple concoction.  I can't remember what it was but I must admit that it did look really good.

If you're ever in Cancun and have a meat attack, I can't imagine a better place to dine!

The Ruth's Chris web site is here.

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