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Waycross, Georgia isn't exactly a thriving Metropolis.  The reason we passed through was to check out the Okkfenokee Swamp nearby on a Sunday afternoon outing.  We were powerful hungry, in the mood for Mexican, and this placed looked inviting.

The Place Is Bigger Than It Looks - It Has At Least Two Dining Rooms And A Fairly Good Sized Bar

The restaurant was very busy with lots of locals dropping by following church services.  It was nice seeing so many families dressed in their Sunday best.

I was a little concerned upon entering the place.  I looked at my wife and whispered:  "Honey, I think this is really going to be disappointing."  She asked "why" and I told her to take a whiff.  There was no trace of chili powder, cumin or anything smelling of Mexico in the air.  Usually a good Mexican joint has a distinctive smell.  But turns out I was wrong!  It was a good place.

Bar Area With One Dining Room Straight Ahead

When the menus came the very first thing we noticed was the price.  It was extremely inexpensive!  Lunch specials ran around 4 or 5 bucks.  "Regular" combinations topped out at $7.35!  In no time the compulsory chips and salsa arrived at the table.  The chips were crisp and perfectly cooked and the salsa was quite good.  It packed a little kick, which we like.  It was presented in a miniature wine carafe type decanter.  Cute!

Entrance To The Dining Room On The Other Side

My wife went with a special. She got a large tamale with a big side of beans and rice.  All was excellent.  I chose a platter consisting of one beef enchilada, one beef burrito, one taco, and a bean and guacamole chalupa (tostada).  It was all good.

We can highly recommend this restaurant to you and your family.  So if you're ever in the Waycross area and get a craving for Mexican, this is your place.

As far as I can tell, they do not have a web site.  You'll find Rodeo 2020 Memorial Drive in Waycross, GA Zip 31501.  Their phone number is
(912) 285-9555.