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This place was recommended by friends and a tour guide book as the place for fresh seafood in Tenerife. We asked the hotel staff how far away it was and they said it was only a 15 minute walk.  However we weren't very ambitious that night and decided to take a taxi over there to get our bearings and then hoof it back on foot.

It was an extremely quick cab ride--barely five minutes--and it cost us under two Euros.  If you take a cab there, you'll be dropped off on the street above the restaurant.  You then take the stairs to reach the place.  If you walk there along the ocean promenade, you will be on the correct level.

We got there early (around 7pm) and I'd say about a third of the tables were already occupied, unusual for Spain since they tend to dine so late.  Most Spaniards won't even consider going out before 9 or 10pm.  I ordered a "bottle" of the house wine and was surprised when a full liter carafe appeared at the table.  We had ordered house wine at all of the restaurants on this trip and most of the vino was pretty good.  While drinkable, this house blanco wine left a lot to be desired.  Oh well.

Offending carafe of wine visible on the table!

I began my meal with a bowl of seafood soup.  My wife started with fresh vegetable soup.  The presentation was nice.  Big bowls were placed in front of us and then the server came out of the kitchen with each soup in a large crock.  They then ladled the soup into our individual bowls.

My seafood soup was okay at best.  The fish in the soup tasted okay.  However the clams and mussels in this dish tasted----as all clams and mussels seem to in Spain---fishy and not clammy or mussely.  Why clams always taste so bad in Spain is a mystery to me.  But I've never had a good one there--yet!  My wife's vegetable soup was good but when I sampled it, It thought it was a bit on the bland side.  It was loaded with extremely large chunks of fresh island veggies including asparagus. 

For my main meal I ordered the grilled, mixed fish.  My wife ordered an individual portion of dusky halibut and her filet was the hit of the evening.

My grilled assortment came with an interesting bunch of fish.  Some were teensy-tiny, others a little bit bigger.  It featured some whole fish and some filets.  I have snorkeled all over the world and instantly recognized one fish that I have seen hundreds and perhaps thousands of times under water.  This little guy was about 4 inches long and very thin.  Just for kicks, I asked our waiter what type of fish that was and he replied:  "Senor, that is filet of sole."  Well in the first place it wasn't a filet!  In the second place it wasn't a sole.  In the third place -- it was a filefish!  Anyway, my fish were okay.  Pretty much tasteless.  My wife's dusky halibut, however, was the best piece of fish we've ever had in Spain.  I know because she was kind enough to give me a nibble!

We had to try the local favorite of wrinkled potatoes with mojo (mo-ho) sauce and they were great. They take small potatoes about the size of a golf ball and boil them in seawater.  The salt causes their skin to wrinkle up a bit.  They offered a trio of mojo sauces.  One was green, another was red and the third was more or less neutral in color.

I hate to say it but after trying fresh seafood at a number of Spanish restaurants, I'd have to conclude that the seafood here---at least in our experience---is far inferior to that of most other countries.  Why -- I don't know?

Rincon del Marineo is located at Muelle Los Cristianos.  Their phone number is 922 793 553.


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