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Our Dallas restaurant experience dates back to 1975 and while always a good dining town, the restaurant scene has absolutely exploded in the past couple of decades.

I don't know if it's true or not, but it's often said that Dallas has more Mexican restaurants than can be found in Mexico City itself!

A relative newcomer to Mexican fray is a Texas chain of establishments called Pappasito's.  We're partial to the one on the north side of Dallas. Technically it's in Richardson, Texas along the Central "Distressway."

The atmosphere is extremely casual and the food and service outstanding on the many times we have dined here.  The minute you are seated the chips and salsa arrive leading the way to bigger and better things.

The appetizers are standard Tex Mex offerings like nachos and chili con queso.  For the main fare we usually go with one of the combination platters although my son raves about the fajitas at Pappasito's.

This place is big, it's loud, it's fun and it serves up some of the best and most consistent Tex Mex food around.  It's a place where you and your family will be welcomed.

The same company also operates an excellent chain of Cajun and Italian restaurants in Texas and they're excellent, too.

While I'm sure the desserts are primo like everything else, we're always way too stuffed to give them a shot.

Pappasito's has locations throughout Dallas and Texas and at last check, they had also expanded into the suburban Atlanta area.

To check for the location that suits you the best, click here for their web site and enjoy your meal!  We always do!

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