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This really is a seafood shack with some indoor tables and a bar but the vast majority of the tables are located outside.  Everything from cups to knives and forks are plastic, which is fine.  In fact appropriate for a place like this. 

Seafood is the theme here, of course although you can find steaks, chicken, burgers and pastas.  They specialize in seafood platters for two.  They come in two sizes - full and half.  For most couples a half platter is ample but if you're really hungry go for the full.

Our favorite is the fried platter.  One big tray comes to your table loaded with shrimp, fish, crawfish, clam strips, deviled crabs, gator bites and fries and hush puppies.

View Of Restaurant From Six Mile Creek Dock Area

The boiled platter is also good.  On it you'll find some snow crab, shrimp, fresh clams, crawfish, some sort of smoked sausage and veggies and rice. The one thing I do not like about this platter is that they sprinkle everything with a Cajun type powder.  We've asked them to leave it off but the platter always comes to the table with the seasoning.  Don't get me wrong, I like the seasoning.  Just not on snow crab legs and fresh clams.

Boiled Seafood Platter

Appetizers are the usual suspects for northern Florida like conch fritters, fried cheese sticks, gator bites, clam strips, fried pickles, onion rings, etc.

This place is extremely hot in the summer time.  But they deploy misting fans all around the outside dining area.

A lot of my friends swear that this is the best old fashioned, down home seafood joint around.  I disagree.  I think Clark's Fish Camp in the Julington Creek area of Jacksonville does a better job, especially with fried foods.  And prices are better there.  If you order a full seafood boil for two here it's gonna cost you nearly $70.

Beautiful "Huck Finn" Type Setting

The setting right along Six Mile Creek is very nice.  And before or after dinner take a walk down to the dock and keep your eyes peeled for alligators. Odds are very good that you'll at least see a little one or two.

Ironically this place serves as a church every Sunday morning!

This is a fun dining experience but in my opinion, far from the best that Northeast Florida has to offer.

They have a web site here.