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This turned out to be an outstanding dining experience.  From our downtown hotel, our cab driver drove up very narrow, winding roads to get to Restaurant Omero on a hilltop overlooking Florence.  The twinkling lights down below on the way to the restaurant were really pretty.  I guess you could say that this is a fairly well established neighborhood because I'm told that Galileo used to live just down the street from the restaurant!  It's a short fifteen minute drive from downtown Florence.

Entrance With Wonderful Meats Hanging Overhead - Very Aromatic

You enter Restaurant Omero through a little deli type market.  Parma hams hang from the ceiling.  There is a small selection of fresh fruit, several different varieties of olives and a nice selection of cheeses.

Once seated they bring a little bowl of the most incredibly wonderful green olives that I have ever tasted.  These alone made the trip worthwhile.  It's hard to describe their flavor but they were lightly cured and had a rich, fruity, nutty taste.  It was like a squirt of the finest extra virgin olive oil with each bite.  Incredible! 

Pleasant Dining At Omero

This place was recommended to us for steak.  Prior to this trip, I didn't associate Italy with fine beef but boy was I wrong.   Florence is famous for "bistecca alla fiorentina" or, Florence beefsteak. This stuff is considered to be really special because it comes from a breed of cattle called chianana, a breed initially raised for the ancient Romans and Etruscans and used in pagan sacrifices.  I ordered the large t-bone and in broken English our waiter asked me if I liked it "red."  Red means rare and I gave him the thumbs up sign.  This two inch thick slab of beef was one of the finest I've ever devoured.  And it was cooked over a live charcoal fire.  Cooked rare, this thing just melted in your mouth.  A pasta dish always proceeds a meal in Tuscany and I chose pappardelle with wild boar sauce.  It was very, very good.  My wife chose fried chicken for her main meal and was disappointed saying it was really a scrawny little runt of a bird.  For some reason in Italy, chickens do tend to run small and skinny.

If you love olives and/or steak, you will absolutely love this place.

To check out their web site, just click here.


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