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This crotchety old restaurant has been a fixture of the Boston waterfront for many, many years.  I say crotchety because part of the show is the brusque service from the wait staff.

The restaurant got its name because no name is listed outside the place.  You pretty much have to know where you're going in the first place.  Once inside, you'll find a casual place that serves up some of the freshest fish in Boston.

You can't go wrong with scrod (small cod) baked to perfection.  I, personally, love the fresh broiled bluefish when it's available but it's not for everybody.  It has a very dark, meaty flesh and can have somewhat of a strong flavor.

If fried fish, clams, etc., are on your agenda, the No-Name will be glad to accommodate you.  We've never had a bad piece of fish or shellfish here.  One New England favorite that they do extremely well at the No-Name is the clam roll.  "Full belly" clams are fried and placed on a modified hotdog bun.  Ladle a little tartar sauce on and you're in heaven.

Their thick seafood chowder is a crowd favorite and one of the best things about the No-Name is the price.  While it's not cheap it's certainly a lot more affordable than some of the other long time established eateries like Anthony's Pier 4.

In recent years a ton of trendy new restaurants have opened their doors in Boston.  And while I'm sure they're all very good, I prefer to go with tradition.  And the No-Name fits me just fine.

The No-Name is located at 15 1/2 Fish Pier Street, West in Boston just off of Northern Avenue.  Their phone number is (617) 338-7539.  Enjoy!  Wow, they now even have a website!  Who knew?  People have been since something like the year 1917.