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One of our visits to Quebec came early in January and the snow was flying.  But that's a good thing.  Quebec City residents love winter and proudly proclaim their region as the snow capitol of North America.  The reason I bring up the weather is that we had a wonderful dining experience at Moulinere in Quebec City but it's exact location is a little blurry.

The snow was coming down pretty good so we elected to use a cab to get to the restaurant from our hotel in the old city.  Our hotel concierge said we could probably just walk if it was summer.  But it was about 3 degrees (F) with heavy snow coming down so we called a cab.  I know the restaurant was near the port but the car windows were so steamed up that I couldn't really tell which way we curving around to get there.  And coming back to the hotel, same deal.

What I can tell you is that Moulinere is a great little place that specializes in a Quebec favorite---mussels.  Moulinere is actually a Belgian restaurant featuring many native dishes and plenty of great Belgian beer.  But most come here for the steaming buckets of mussels.

For roughly $20 Canadian, you can turn into a mussel maniac and eat as many as you like.  And you won't be bored because they come prepared in 14 different ways.  I started with a bucket of plainly steamed shellfish to see what they tasted like with just a little bit of drawn butter.  Next I moved onto a wine, garlic and butter sauce version.  For my third bucket I tried the class French Provencal version with cream and such.  They were all absolutely outstanding.  Or as they say in Canada:  "Oat-standing."  The mussels are served, as they always are in Belgium, with French fried potatoes.  Although these frites were served with catsup rather than the mayo they use in Brussels.

One other diner in our party that night was a musselman like myself.  The rest of the gang had either fresh fish or a burger.  And we all left very satisfied.  There's something about walking out of a nice, cozy, warm restaurant having feasted on steaming hot mussels and being blasted with heavy snow and wicked wind!

By the way, you may have heard that Quebec City people are rude to non-French speakers.  We found that not to be the case whatsoever.  One other tip if you're going to Quebec City.  Consider taking VIA rail service from a U.S. border town like Windsor, Ontario.  It's a beautiful train ride, especially in the winter.


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