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This is undoubtedly the most upscale, exquisite, high ticket steakhouse chain in America.  When you go here, everything is done right.

You notice the elegance the moment you walk through the door.  The atmosphere is dark and lush.  The tablecloths are finely pressed.  This is livin' high on the hog!

I'm not a wine expert by any means but Morton's must have one of the best wine selections in the area.  I usually let friends who are into wine order for the the table.  Otherwise I'm liable to order a fine white wine and the waiter would probably go into a seizure seeing me drink white wine with a nice, rare slab of USDA prime meat!

The appetizer selection here is awesome ranging from a shrimp cocktail to a lobster cocktail to the absolute freshest of succulent oysters from the east coast and Canada.  And if you like lobster bisque, they do one of the best around at Morton's.

Moving on to the main star of the evening, beef, you are torn between the filet, New York strip, ribeye and my personal favorite, the king of steaks--the Porterhouse.  And if you're really hungry, you can go for the double Porterhouse.  At 48 ounces, as I recall, it's a real challenge! They also feature prime rib on Friday and Saturday night although I've haven't tried it here -- yet!

If you prefer lamb chops, they've got you covered. Ditto for huge lobsters, salmon, crab cakes and a very special chicken dish although when I go to Morton's, I've gotta have the steak.  It's just too good to pass up.

For your side dishes, you'll find the usual high end suspects here including asparagus and broccoli, both served with a vat of hollandaise sauce, a variety of potatoes, and my favorite--creamed spinach.

While dining at Morton's keep your eyes peeled for VIP diners.  I can tell you that in the Detroit area, members of the NBA Pistons, NHL Red Wings and visiting celebrities often make pit stops here.

I hope you still have room for dessert at the end of the feast because they do an incredible chocolate soufflé which is just wonderful.  And there are many other dessert selections to choose from.

Like with other premium steak emporiums, this is not a cheap night out.  Dinner for four with wine can easily top $250 to $300.  But on your big night out it's worth every penny because everything is done perfectly.  You'll leave Morton's feeling like your money was well spent.  And in fact, you'll probably be plotting and planning your next excuse to return here!

We've tried other Morton's locations including Vegas and we've never had a bad meal!

The Morton's web site is here.  And if you should dine at their Southfield, Michigan location, please tell General Manager Brian Panariello that we said hello.  He does a great job!