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For many years if you were to ask any Cincinnatian for the best rib joint in the area they would undoubtedly mention the Montgomery Inn.  They would then quickly chime in that the late Bob Hope used to have slabs of their ribs shipped out to his home in Palm Springs.  There's no doubt that this place is an institution but there is doubt now whether they serve up the best ribs in town!

Having lived in and visited most barbecue strongholds in the U.S., when I think of barbecue I think of slow smoked beauties using hickory chips.  This is not the way they do it at the Montgomery Inn.  Here they roast the ribs until tender and then slather them with sauce.  I actually like the sauce more than the ribs.

I don't want to bag this place because the ribs are really good.  I'm just used to the smoked bones you find in Dallas, Memphis and Kansas City.  And if you're up for some roasted barbecue chicken, they offer some pretty tasty grub.

Over the years their menu has "branched out" considerably and they now offer several fish and shrimp dishes along with pasta and various other meat dishes including steaks and even duck.

They have a good selection of appetizers to get your meal started and several tempting desserts to bring it to a close.

I see from their web site that they now have three branches.  But the one we've always frequented is the original restaurant located on Montgomery Road.  There's a map on their web site.

PS-If you're in the Cincinnati area and you would like to try real slow smoked ribs, head for Burbank's Real Barbecue near the I-75 / I-275 split on the north side of town.