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I was rather surprised when I asked our hotel concierge to steer us to the best seafood restaurant in Montreal and without hesitation the guy rattled off the name of a Greek place called Milo's.  He raved about the freshness of the fish.  Turns out he was right!

We were staying at the downtown Marriott Hotel and it was a pretty good hike getting there, probably a 35 minute taxi ride.  But it was well worth it.

The place truly has the feel of a Greek island with lots of bleached whites and turquoise blues.  And depending on where you are seated, the star of the evening becomes immediately known.  There are tons of fresh, whole fish on beds of ice along with shrimp, crabs, oysters, sea urchins and that Greek favorite of all time -- octopus. 

This is not a place to go if you're on a budget.  You order your whole fish and pay by the pound.  Depending on the size of the fish two can often share one.  For our dinner we selected from porgy, bluefish, grouper and snapper.  All were done the simple, Greek way.   Sprinkled with lemon, capers, parsley, salt and pepper and grilled whole over a live charcoal fire.  Mundo perfecto!  Accompanying our beautifully done fish was a nice Greek salad.  Actually we each split one because they're pretty large.

Prior to the fresh fish, we each had a different fresh shellfish appetizer.  The steamed clams, fish soup, mussels and shrimp were all excellent.

We washed all this down with a rather expensive bottle of wine (I think it was around $45 U.S. which is a little rich for our taste) and it's a meal we still talk about to this day.

We were way too stuffed to even think about a heavy dessert but the baklava looked so good we had to have a nibble.

Dinner for four with wine and appetizers can easily ding you to the tune of $300 U.S. or more depending on how much of that yummy fresh fish you inhale.  But for your big night out in Montreal, it's worth it.

Milos is always jam packed and reservations are mandatory.  Practice up on your French (or Greek!) and ring 'em up at (514) 272-3522.  Directions, menu, etc., at their website here.


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