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This is the second restaurant in the small, local chain of two eateries. From the moment you walk in the door it is very impressive. Very elegant but yet at the same time a comfortable, casual feel. One of the nicest Mexican restaurants we've ever dined in. And I love the beer bottle chandeliers in the front of the place.

Love these chandeliers!

The front portion of the restaurant is more like a sports bar in appearance. There's a nice bar and many tall tables with tall chairs. In the rear, more traditional tables. And this is a big place.

This is not your typical Tex-Mex kind of place and it is evident when the chips and salsa arrive. The chips are standard but the salsa is a deep almost brown color. They fire roast the tomatoes giving the salsa a dark color. It's thick and very good although not much heat at all. When I asked the manager what type of Mexican cuisine he was serving up he said Pacific style and specifically Mazatlan style.

Really dark, different but tasty salsa.

They have a big menu with most of the usual Mexican suspects like enchiladas, tacos, burritos, rellenos, fajitas, etc. But they also offer shrimp, meat and other Mexican renditions that go beyond typical Mexican fare.

My wife and I both ordered a combination plate. You make your own and can select two or three items. I selected three. A beef enchilada, hard shell taco (also beef) and a beef tostada. My wife went with two on her combo. A chili relleno and a tamale with a choice of meat. She went the traditional route and picked pork.

Seating in rear of restaurant.

Again, this is not your typical Mexican fare. My hard shell taco was a fried flour tortilla stuffed with great, well seasoned beef. Instead of a mound of shredded cheese on top, it came with just a dusting of very pungent Mexican cheese with the consistency of parmesan cheese. The enchilada was chock full of beef and had a nice tomato based sauce and a little cheese. The tostada had chunks of beef, lettuce, that powdery Mexican cheese and a slice of fresh avocado on top. It was all very good.

Elegant bar area.

My wife's chili relleno was the best she's ever had. A whole roasted poblano stuffed with cheese and wonderful. The tamale was also good but she said the star of the show was the relleno.

Each main course came with the standard refried beans and rice. The beans were the usual. Nothing great. Nothing bad. The rice, however, like so many places had no flavor at all and seemed to be pretty much an after thought.

Nice outdoor seating for the two decent evenings of Michigan weather annually. LOL

We had only one small bone to pick with this great place. We felt like most items needed salt but that was easily remedied by grabbing the salt shaker!

Our server was very, very nice and very proud to be working there. We'll be back and I hope you'll give it a try too.

Information on this restaurant and it's sister in Rochester Hills, Michigan is on their website here.