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There are actually two of these famous Detroit area restaurants.  The mother ship is in Mexicantown in Southwest Detroit.  But this one in the eastern burbs is a carbon copy and equally delicious.The chips and salsa arrived just about the moment we took our seats.  Nice and crunchy chips, cold and zesty salsa.

Typical Mexican Type Building

This was only the second time I enjoyed their Utica branch.  I remember the first time.  It was back in 1984.  Like way back then,  I chose the Village Combo which came with one fried corn beef taco, one fried flour beef taco, a fried flour chicken flauta, one bean and cheese tostada and one cheese enchilada.  This was a lot of food but very good food.  Both tacos were stuffed pior to being plunged into the deep fryer.  They oozed with grease but it comes with the territory.  The cheese and bean tostada was nice.  The enchilada was very tasty with a great sauce.  The flauta was well done, too. The thread thin cheese covering everything was a plus.

Looks Can Be Deceiving - Village Combo Was Very Good!

My wife went with an enchilada platter with a couple of different kinds of enchiladas and she was very pleased with her meal.

The only thing I donít like about this place is that your food comes flying out of the kitchen just a couple of minutes after you order it and you are warned that the plates are hot.  It makes me think these platters had, for the most part, been pre-made an just popped under a salamander for a blast of heat.  This is pretty much the norm for all restaurants in Mexicantown.  Still, this platter was delicious and hefty.

Interior - You've Seen One, You've Seen 'Em All

If you live on the eastside of town and get a powerful craving for Mexican, this is a good bet.  If you're closer to downtown Detroit, their Mexicantown branch would be a better option.  And everybody should at least sample one or more of the Mexicantown restaurants sooner or later.

For directions and menu items, they have a web site right here.