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We were out with our 8 year old grandson and looking for a place to eat when we came across this place totally by accident.  But it was a good accident!

This is a nice sit-down restaurant but certainly not stuffy.  Immediately upon entering the restaurant the essence of real smoke is in the air, a good sign!  Some places just flavor their ribs using liquid smoke.  Not this place.  This is the real deal.

We started off with an order of fried dill pickles, a deep south special.  Our waiter was great.  He said:  "Folks, I'd suggest that you start off with a half order because even that's huge."  He was right!  The pickles were outstanding but too many for my wife and I to eat.

My wife ordered off the luncheon menu and selected a bowl of chili along with a pulled pork sandwich.  I initially ordered a combo of baby back ribs and St. Louis ribs.  Our kind waiter suggested that I get another special because it had more ribs and was about five bucks cheaper  than the meal I had initially ordered.  Again, he was right.  The meal he suggested came not only with baby backs but with St. Louis ribs and a couple of beef ribs.  Our grandson ordered what most kids always order -- a grilled cheese sandwich with fries.

My wife wasn't too keen on her chili but loved her pulled pork barbecue sandwich.  My ribs were outstanding and extremely filling.  I chose macaroni and cheese and red beans and rice for my two sides and everything was delicious.  The red beans and rice had an enticing spice in them and I think I finally figured out what it was.  I'm guessing it was a hint of cinnamon and cumin.

Our grandson buzzed through his grilled cheese and fries.

There are award winning plaques and trophies throughout the restaurant and our server explained that the guy who started the chain had won several world championships in Memphis, thus the name of the place -- Memphis Championship Barbecue.

Our waiter was very informative and ushered me into a special dining room that featured pictures of barbecue joints from years gone by.  These folks are serious about their barbecue.

Folks, we know our barbecue having lived in Texas and sampled Memphis' finest at Corky's and the Rendezvous and this is genuine 'cue.  We'd highly recommend a visit to one of these restaurants.

For more information on Memphis Championship Barbecue, visit their web site here.