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One day we decided to take the rental car out and check out the suburbs of Vegas.  We had no particular agenda although we did want to sample some good Mexican food.  We figured there would surely be a ton of Mexican restaurants along the way.

We left THEhotel (that's what its called) at Mandalay Bay and just drove down Tropicana Avenue and then all over the place looking for a good sit down Mexican joint.  We found nothing at all westbound so my wife suggested that we had back east past Las Vegas Blvd. and see if there was anything in that direction. 

After an hour and a half we finally happened along this place, Macayo, near UNLV on Tropicana.

Upon entering the place it looked a little worse for the wear but right off the bat there was a good sign.  There were several families dining there speaking Spanish.  Always a good sign to find people of the same ethnicity eating at a restaurant specializing in their native food!

Our server was a nice, older woman she brought the compulsory bowl of chips and a couple of different salsas.  Both salsas seemed fresh and they were quite good.  We completed our chips with an order of guacamole and it was very good although had a slightly bitter finish to it.

This was a lunch time meal but I ordered off the dinner menu so I could get a combination plate.  I ordered a ground beef taco, bean tostada, and a cheese enchilada.  I had a choice of "green" or "red" sauce with the enchilada and I chose the red.  Everything on the plate was sensational!  The menu said:  "Add refried beans and Mexican rice for $1.95."  I ordered the beans 'n rice but was not charged for it.

My wife ordered off the lunch menu and got a chicken chimichanga along with beans and rice. That thing was the size of a scud missile.  It was huge and she said it was delicious.  We both nearly needed to be put on a shipping cart and transported to our car we were so full and satisfied from this meal.

This is a Las Vegas chain of restaurants and based upon our one and only visit, we'd highly recommend that you give this place a try next time you're in Vegas.  We found it delicious!

This particular outlet is located at 1375 East Tropicana Avenue.  Their phone number is
(702) 736-1898.   Their web site is located here.


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