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Often I mention that we just happened upon a place by accident, right?  Well an accident caused us to happen upon this place and I'm so glad that the crash occurred because this place provided some of the best Mexican food we've had in decades!  Hope nobody was seriously hurt in the crash, though!

We were driving from Vancouver, B.C. down to Seattle on I-5 when one of those electronic highway message boards listed an accident just up ahead with all lanes blocked.  We were near an exit and noted that there was an IHOP restaurant there and figured we'd get off and have lunch there.

We love IHOP for breakfast but we're not crazy about it for lunch.  The neighborhood looked promising so we kept on driving by the IHOP and my wife spotted Lorenzo's on a little, tiny hilltop on the left.  We were in the mood for Mexican so we pulled in.

Dual Sign - Lorenzo's (hard to read) on top and another outfit on the bottom.

The restaurant was brightly decorated, spotless and fairly new in appearance.  Our extremely friendly and efficient server was quick with the salsa and chips and took our drink orders.  The quality of the salsa often tells the story of what kind of meal you're gonna have, and their salsa was outstanding.  Just the right amount of heat.

My wife and I each ordered a combo platter.  She got three cheese enchiladas with beans and rice.  I got a taco, enchilada and taco.  Everything was extremely good.  Who would have thunk it?

The next time we make that "short in mileage but long in time (the Canadian border crossing is pure hell with 2-3 hour delays common, especially on Saturdays) trip", we're gonna make it a point to stop at Lorenzo's and you should too.  And let me tell you, we know our Mexican food.  We spent years in Dallas and San Antonio and this is the real deal.  Plain, simple and absolutely outstanding Tex-Mex fare.

As far as I can tell, they don't have a web site.  They're located at 190 E. Bakerview Road in Bellingham, Washington.  Their phone number is (360) 527-3181.  Make that call, get directions, and prepare for a great Mexican meal!