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This is a real gem of a place and I had the good fortune of living less than a mile and a half from it during my two year "tour" of Boston.  Sudbury is a Beantown suburb on Boston Post Road between Route 128 and I-495 west of the city.

This place got its start in 1716 and is the oldest continuously operating inn in America.

Longfellow's Wayside Inn

The dining room serves up a tempting list of traditional New England offerings.  Everything from oysters to various puddings to mushrooms to start with.  Then move on to the main selections.  You might enjoy slow roasted prime rib, scrod (they spell it schrod there for some reason), lobster pie or roast duckling to name a few.

They offer both lunch and dinner and a reservation is highly recommended.  And if you should decide to dine there, plan some extra time to tour the area.  In fact, the inn even has some rooms for overnight stays and they are highly sought after.

On the grounds near the inn you'll find two other New England landmarks---Martha Mary's Chapel and the Old Gristmill. 

Cute Little Martha Mary's Chapel

The Old Gristmill

Martha Mary's is incredibly popular for weddings.  I used to pass by it each and every day on my way home from work and more often than not there would be a limo or two parked outside awaiting the newly married couple.

Martha Mary's Chapel has also been the setting for many, many television commercials.  One summer day I drove by it and they had placed fake snow all over the grounds and "snow" all over the roof.  I stopped and found out they were shooting a commercial in Japanese for a Japanese film company.  The next day there wasn't a trace of that fake snow anywhere to be found.

The Old Gristmill is a functioning gristmill and you can even buy corn that has been ground up at the stream powered facility.

This complex is so popular that there are nearly always tour busses there with folks milling around.

The best time to visit this area?  The fall when the leaves explode in their brilliant colors.

I hope you'll take your family there for a meal some day.  Their web site is located here.