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This is our favorite restaurant on the enchanting island of Moorea.  Moorea is located  just eleven miles across the Sea of the Moon from the main island of Tahiti.

The Linareva Floating Restaurant is actually an old ferry that used to take passengers between Papeete and Moorea.  You step down into the cabin of this boat and are seated at a small table for your meal.

Fresh seafood is the theme of the restaurant and everything comes highly recommended. 

Since you're in French Polynesia here, expect to find fine French sauces on your fish, lobster and shrimp dishes.  By the way, would you believe that they actually farm raise shrimp on the small island of Moorea?  They do!   Your sauce might include a hint of rich vanilla since it is produced on the island, too.

If you're like my wife and you are prone to getting ill while bobbing around on a boat, you might pop a Dramamine pill before your meal.  Seriously! The restaurant doesn't move around much but sometimes you can feel a little shift.

Before you rush in for your lunch or dinner, check out the sea around the restaurant.  Usually you can see tropical fish swimming about.  And be sure to make a reservation at this popular place.  Also, call the restaurant to see if they can offer you transportation for a nominal charge.

But what about the food?  I had Mahi Mahi with a rich, creamy, coconut sauce.  My wife had sautéed shrimp with a mild garlic sauce topped with crispy, buttery croutons. Each of our outstanding meals came with a nice salad with a light vinaigrette dressing.

While you're here be sure to sample the local brew -- Hinano!  It's really quite tasty!

Just writing about this restaurant makes me wish I was back on this beautiful island.   In radio, I get to interview a lot of famous people and one day I was talking on the air with travel writer Arthur Frommer and told him that I had taken my wife to Moorea for our 20th anniversary and asked him which island, in his opinion, was the prettiest in the whole world.  His response:  "That's it, Moorea.  You've been there!"

Linareva Floating Restaurant is located in Haapiti a few miles south of the Club Med.