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We usually don't review more than one outlet of a chain restaurant unless there are special circumstances.  And there were very special circumstances on the night we dined at the Lawry's in Vegas.

It was fairly new at the time and I was salivating over the thought of a nice, rare slab of prime rib when the waiter threw me a curve ball.  He said they had a very unusual special on the menu that night---fresh Alaska king crab!  I had never heard of such a thing.  King crab is always marketed completely cooked and frozen.  I questioned the authenticity of this "fresh crab" and the guy actually brought me a leg out from the kitchen to prove that it was indeed fresh.

It was fresh!  It had a dark greenish, brownish, red color to it but certainly not the bright red associated with cooked king crab.  The price, however, was steep at---as I recall---$50 a pound.  What the heck, I tried one smaller leg along with my prime rib and while it was good, I don't think it was worth $50 a pound.  The prime rib at Lawry's was great, as always.

My wife also dined on a rare piece of prime rib.  I sipped coffee for dessert while my wife had something rich but I can't remember what it was.  I think some sort of triple ice cream collection but I could be wrong.

I forgot to mention their famous "spinning salad bowl."  They spin the water out of it and add--what else--Lawry's salad dressing.  It's tasty and traditional!

They have several branches around the country and while the Vegas outlet was nice, we're still partial to the one in downtown Chicago.  That's the Lawry's we frequent the most.

These restaurants carry on a great tradition and little has changed over the years although they have increased the number of non prime rib choices quite a bit since we first started dining there.

For information on the Vegas branch of this famous and wonderful chain, their web site is here.