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This is an enticing choice if you're a serious carnivore.  The name of the game here is beef and specifically, as the restaurant's name would suggest, prime rib.

It used to be that they served only prime rib here but now you can choose from lobster and a fresh fish selection.

Whatever you select---and you really should go with the prime rib here, seriously---your meal will start with the famous original spinning salad bowl.  Your server brings your salad to the table in a bowl and gives it a nice spin while splashing in the dressing--Lawry's, of course!  The salad is quite tasty.  A crisp and ice cold blend of lettuces and hard boiled eggs.

As you look around you'll notice huge silver rolling carts with a canopy.  Contained therein is the beef!  Each cart has different prime rib beef inside, depending on how you order your meat cooked.  Your carver will roll the cart up to your table, plug in the extension cord to provide light, and slice off a chunk of meat for you to devour.

The slab of meat comes with the traditional accompaniment of Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes (really smooth, rich and delicious), and a downright sinful horseradish cream sauce to compliment your roast beef.  And of course, you'll find a container of Lawry's famous seasoned salt on every table!

This is a nice and traditional dining experience, especially for beef lovers. 

We've sampled Lawry's in several cities but we chose to review the one in Chicago because we've dined there most often.  And this particular restaurant was the second to open in the chain back in 1974.

Lawry's is located just off of Michigan Avenue in the heart of the city at 100 East Ontario Street.  You'd be wise to make a reservation, especially on nights when big sporting events are taking place in Chicago.  Call (312) 787-5000.  Or visit the Lawry's online site is here. Click on Chicago or another branch of the famous chain.

Lawry's is great but somehow I still miss the prime rib at the old Victoria Stations!  Don't you?