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We were in the San Telmo area, the old section of the city, on a Sunday afternoon and had problems finding a restaurant that was either open or had an open table.  Our guide, Esteban, recommended this place and it was a great choice.

The restaurant was packed but after a short wait we were seated.  This serves as one of the famous Tango Clubs in B.A. at night.  During lunch time (1pm-3pm in this part of the world) it serves up tasty and very affordable lunches.

I couldn't resist starting with some empanadas, a favorite in this city.  They are little pastry pies filled with various stuffings.  I chose to sample two of them---one filled with meat and the other harboring cheese and onions.  Both were melt in your mouth wonderful although the cheese and onion empanada almost melted my mouth when that cheese came oozing out!  Be careful!  That's one regret I have of our visit.  We didn't eat nearly enough empanadas!

For my main course I chose what looked like a wiener schnitzel you'd find in Austria or Germany only in this case pounded out chicken was used.  There is a Spanish name for the dish and Esteban said it was very common and popular for lunch.  It came with garlic smashed potatoes and everything was great.

Esteban selected the same thing but with a twist.  His came with tomato sauce and cheese and he said his was excellent.  My wife ordered a set price meal staring with fried mozzarella and  a tuna salad for her main course.  It consisted of tuna right out of a can along with tomato wedges, hard boiled eggs and rice.  Although it wasn't bad she should have ordered what I had!

Amazingly, the price tag for a substantial lunch for three of us with multiple Coke Lights (like you find in much of Europe, you don't see Diet Coke in B.A.) and bottled waters, our bill came to just $17 U.S.

Entertainment Posters Including U2 Coming to B.A.

Looking around this place was interesting.  There were Tango and movie posters all over the walls.  Another wall had a listing of Tango shows and show times.  At the rear of the restaurant was a set of theatre type doors.  At night, patrons have their dinner in the main dining room and then migrate through the theatre doors for the Tango show.

Tango Acts and Show Times

You can check out the Tango portion of the facility (photos) here.


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