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It started pouring one early afternoon in Rome and I'm very glad the rain came because otherwise we would not have sampled this outstanding gem of a restaurant.

We made a pit stop at our hotel, the Inter-Continental De La Ville Roma right at the top of the famous Spanish steps to map out the rest of the afternoon.

We had planned to head out for lunch at one of Rome's famous dining spots but waived the white flag when the rain came opting to "take a chance" at the hotel's signature restaurant.

There were only two tables occupied and I thought to myself:  "Great - this is gonna be good - not!" 

Waiters hovered in fancy tuxes and we placed our orders.  I started out with a risotto made with pesto and curds of ewe cheese.  Cindy started with truffle stuffed tortellini.  My risotto was one of the best things I've ever had in all of Italy and I've had several risottos over the years there.  It simply melted in my mouth.  And it took twenty five minutes to get to the table which is a good thing.  You have to make risotto to order to do it right.  It cannot be rushed.  Cindy's tortellini was also extremely good.

Cindy went with veal marsala for her main course and it was quite tasty.  I decided on a dish called chicken breast pepperoni.  Over there pepperoni doesn't mean the little discs of meat we get on our pizza in the U.S.  It simply means a pepper, as in bell pepper.  And that's exactly what I got on top of my chicken.  The red and green bell peppers and onions in a light sauce were a perfect topping.

Folks, I'd return to the hotel's dining room just to repeat that risotto experience.  And if you're gonna be checking out the Spanish steps anyway, it would be a convenient place to grab a meal.  If our one time experience was typical of the food and service there, you'll be in for a treat.

Again - the restaurant is located within the Inter-Continental Hotel in Rome just a few feet from the top of the Spanish steps at Via Sistana 67/69.  Their phone number is:  39-06-67331.