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We lucked out in finding this little gem.  We were lugging our bags from the water bus stop to our hotel--the fabulous Europa Regina--when we passed by La Caravella.  Upon checking into the hotel we asked the concierge whether it was any good and we got a positive response.

This particular trip came in the dead of winter and there weren't a lot of tourists roaming the famous walkways.  We phoned the restaurant and asked if reservations would be necessary and they told us not to worry about it.

It just so happens that this restaurant specializes in seafood which made it perfect for me.  Plus they offered a nice variety of other main dishes including steaks.

My meal started with a spider crab cocktail.  These crabs are found just about all over the world and they are one of the hardest crabs when it comes to cracking the shell and getting at the meat.  This is about the only crab in the world that I order "pre-cracked."  In this case the crabmeat came in part of the crab's natural shell.  Over there they just drizzle a little olive oil on it along with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  It was sensational.   In Italy, you usually move ahead to a pasta course, of course, and I chose the linguini with clams.  It , too, was outstanding.  For the main deal I segued into a fried seafood platter.   It was loaded with fresh goodies right out of the Adriatic Sea.  There were "normal" critters like octopus, squid, shrimp and big filets of fish.  Then were some odd little guys like whole fried fish about the size of a small goldfish.  You could see their little eyes!  It was all very good.

My wife had some fish soup to start, skipped the pasta course, and chose a filet mignon for her main course.  It was cooked to perfection - rare, of course!

I sipped coffee at the end of the meal.  My wife had some sinfully rich dessert.  Can't remember just what it was but I know she enjoyed it.

On a second trip to La Caravella I chose lamb chops and they were perfect.  My wife had sea bass with pine nuts on our second visit and loved it.

Dinner for two with wine came to about $90.

La Caravella is located in a hotel called the Saturnia Internazionale, Calle Larga XXII Marzo, San Marco 2397.


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