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This isn't the most expensive place in town but it is one of the best.  You come here for traditional Swiss cooking and they make the best  Wienerschnitzel I've ever tasted.  They also serve up other traditional dishes such as boiled beef, chicken, sausages, smoked pork and calves' liver.  The potato rosti is popular here as it is thoughout Switzerland.

The Wienerschnitzel is a piece of veal (or you can order pork schnitzel as I did) pounded thin and then deep fried.  They first fry it at a hot temperature.  Then they fry it a second time in still hot but slightly cooler oil so that the outside is crispy from the hot fry and the inside is cooked through during the cooler oil bath.

Desserts are sensational, according to my wife.  I was too full from the main meal to even consider a strudel or chocolate piece of work!

My only complaint with this place was the wait staff.  They bordered on being rude on the two occasions we have dined here.  They seemed like they would rather be doing something else than serving patrons.

This is still a great place to sample traditional Swiss food.  Art lovers will enjoy original paintings by such famous masters as Matisse, Miro and Picasso.

The bar is usually packed along with the rest of the restaurant.  You'd better make a reservation before hitting this popular place.  Check 'em out before you go.  Their web site is located here.

Kronenhalle is located at Ramistrasse 4 in Zurich.

Note about dining in Zurich:  While Kronenhalle does take plastic not all restaurants take charge cards.  One time we asked the hotel concierge to make us a reservation at a fancy fondue place in downtown Zurich and we asked her to make sure they took plastic since this was our last night and we didn't have very many Swiss francs lurking in our wallets.  After a day on the town we returned to the hotel, were told that we were all set with a reservation at the finest restaurant in town specializing in fondue and that they took MC, V, AE, etc.  After two $30 dollar cab rides down there (one for my wife and myself, the other for our son, daughter and son-in-law) we were told at the door in no uncertain terms that they did not take charge cards.  There were no ATMs around and we asked kindly if we could pay with U.S.dollars.  We were literally shown the door!  They were absolutely rude about it.  Two more $30 dollar cab rides back to the hotel and we hadn't even eaten.  $120 for absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!  By then it was late and we sent our son out to fetch some Big Macs.  What a disaster!  So be sure to confirm that your restaurant in Zurich does take charge cards if that's the way you plan to pay.


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