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This certainly isn't the best Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong but it really is a "must visit" place during your stay.  It's billed as the world's largest floating restaurant and it rests just off shore from Aberdeen in Hong Kong.

The restaurant features traditional Chinese "dim sum" along with regular menu service.  At some hours, both are offered at the same time.  Dim sum is a rolling buffet with a dozen or more carts circulating between tables with various temptations.

One irritating thing about this restaurant is the downright rude wait staff.  Our hostess nearly sprinted to the table and when we lagged behind, she stopped, turned around and with a nasty expression on her face muttered something in Chinese and then yelled:  "HELLO....."  

The waiters were equally rude.  We had to catch a Singapore Airlines jet to San Francisco early that evening and the dim sum carts were coming around very slowly.  I asked a waiter if we could see a menu. He didn't respond verbally but returned and literally threw two menus down on the table!  As luck would have it the rolling dim sum food carts really started coming quickly all of a sudden so we didn't need the menus after all.  We dined on steamed baby octopus, various seafood dumplings, roasted pork ribs, sticky buns, fried shrimp and plenty of hot green tea, of course.

Just getting to this huge, multi-story restaurant is interesting.  You are dropped off at a small dock with the restaurant clearly in view in the harbor.  Then a little launch arrives and takes you to the restaurant. It's a five minute ride if that.  As we left the restaurant we watched the little boat approach and boarded.  To our shock, it took off to the "left" and did not go straight across the harbor to where our car was waiting.  We tried to ask the guy running the boat where we were going but he spoke no English.  For a minute we were concerned but figured that eventually, we'd either wind up back at the restaurant or at the dock we had intended to land at.  And it worked out exactly that way.  The little boat went a considerable distance to "downtown" Aberdeen, picked up passengers and then returned to the restaurant and I'm really glad we wound up on the side trip by mistake.  We got to see the "boat people" who live most of their lives on Chinese junks in the harbor.  Until recently children never left the water.  They even went to school on boats.  To this day supply boats cruise the waters selling grocery goods to the boat people. "Schoolboats" drop uniformed kids off at their boat homes each afternoon.

While the food was "okay" you really should try to experience Jumbo during your stay in Hong Kong.  It is truly unique.  And try to take that "dog-leg" to Aberdeen City Centre and enjoy the view and adventure!

Aberdeen Harbour

The Jumbo web site is here.


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