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This is a small Tex-Mex style restaurant on Detroit's eastside in the burbs.  It's in a strip mall on a very busy road known as M-59 or Hall Road.  Blink and you'll sail right past it.  It's on the south side of the road.

On our one and only dining experience here we were quickly seated and our friendly server was Johnny on the spot with the usual tortillas and salsa.

We were starved that night and ordered a small order of nachos with just cheese and jalapeņos.  Oh my gosh, there were enough for at least four hungry people.  I'd hate to see a large!

For our main courses we both got the Miguel's combo.  It came with 2 beef tacos, 1 cheese enchilada, 1 bean and cheese tostada, one flauta along with refried beans and Mexican rice.  The price was just under $10, pretty standard for a combo platter at most Mexican places around Metro Detroit.

The tacos were good.  At most Mexican restaurants in the Detroit area the meat is loaded into a corn tortilla and then they are eased into a deep fryer.  These are not the shells you're used to at Taco Bell.  Still, they're very good.  The enchilada was good.  But it went downhill with the bean and cheese tostada and refried beans.  For some reason they were pure brine.  I love salt but they were absolutely inedible, my wife and I both agreed. I mentioned the problem to our server and he checked with the kitchen and sure enough somebody had screwed up on adding the salt.

I thought to myself:  "In a way, this is good news.  These beans had to be homemade and not dumped out of a can."  And sure enough, they were homemade.

I was a little bit surprised that the staff didn't offer us a replacement tostada although to be honest we were stuffed having eaten the nachos prior to the main show.

The staff here were very, very friendly and when people came in with little kids, the little ones were showered with attention.

We'll be back.  And this time we hope to be able to eat our tostadas!

Complete information on Juan Miguel's including the menu and location are on their website here.