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This is a great place for steaks!  The minute you walk in the door you feel like you're in a fine gentlemen's club with lots of rich appointments.

It seemed like it took five minutes to get to our table as we were escorted down to a spot right on front of the open hearth where they were cooking up the steaks behind a glass window.

Being a hockey nut, my memory faded to the "good old days" of the Vancouver Canucks and I pictured Pat Quinn and Pavel Bure dining at a table nearby.  And they probably did dine at Hy's when they lived in Vancouver.

We skipped the traditional appetizers and each enjoyed a Caesar salad which was prepared tableside.  I'm not really into tableside preparations but hey, if it's the way they do it, fine.

For our main meal we decided to go with the Chateaubriand.  That's a huge filet mignon for two.  This is no wimpy kind of place.  You'll find big slabs of meat here!

We were the only people to order it at that particular time and I watched as our huge piece of meat was placed on the grill above the coals.  My wife said I seemed nervous fearing that it would be overcooked.  And she was right!  But when it came to the table, it was absolutely perfect.  Very rare, tender and incredible.  It was carved tableside--there they go again--and came with the best array of vegetables I've ever seen with a Chateau.  And of course, there was a gravy bowl full of wonderfully rich béarnaise sauce.

We were way too full to even consider dessert so we just sipped a cup of coffee after dinner.

I'd have to say that this is the best Chateaubriand we've ever enjoyed.   The wait staff was just great and the whole experience memorable.

Hy's Encore is located at 637 Homby Street in Vancouver.  Reservations highly suggested at (604) 683-7671.  They have a well done web site here.  And good news, you'll find other Hy's locations listed on the web site.  If you love steak, we highly recommend Hy's Encore.


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