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We had passed this busy place many times and for some reason never stopped by until now.  Our visit came based on the fact that the place is always busy and it got good reviews on tripadvisor.com, a great web site.

Small Dining Area

This place is an unpretentious seafood market with a small eating place for a restaurant.  You check out the menu and then place your order at the kitchen.  Then you take your seat until your food is brought out to you.

My wife and I both ordered the fish and chips.  The choice of fresh fish was between cod (probably Alaskan as most of it is nowadays) and red snapper.  Both were fresh, we were told, and we chose the snapper thinking it came out of waters a lot closer than the cod.  For a starter we ordered some conch salad.

The conch salad was good but not great.  It featured raw, marinated conch along with peppers and was served with saltine crackers.  For $3.99, it was a really small portion.  Tasty but we've had better.

Our fish and chips were pretty good.  I was a bit puzzled by the batter.  Not at all crisp.  Each order came with two generous portions of snapper, great French fries and a dill pickle spear.  The snapper was pretty good although it had some dark sections that were a little gamey.  The price for each order, not including sodas, was $7.99.  As they say in England, good value for money.  However I must say, having been to England several times, just about any pub in London serves up fresh fish and chips that would blow Hull's right out of the water.  Ka-boom!!!

After finishing our lunch we went next door to Hull's main retail seafood market.  We were extremely impressed by the selection of fresh and frozen seafood there.  Perhaps the biggest selection I've seen in years in Florida.  They had some local favorites like tilefish, which you don't see too often.  We were surprised at the fresh shrimp, however.  They had three different types, all listed as having come from the Gulf.  There were shrimp boats right off Ormond Beach on the Atlantic that day and we were shocked that no local shrimp were featured although I think the Gulf produces the best shrimp in America.

Bottom line on Hull's is this.  While a decent experience, I wouldn't go out of my way to go back unless we went to the seafood market first, selected something, and then stepped next door to have the kitchen cook it for us.  They had a sign saying they would do this for a $2 dollar charge.

Hull's "restaurant" is extremely casual as in paper baskets and plastic "silverware."  They have a web site here with menus, directions, etc.