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Get here early!  Parking is sparse and you're liable to get blocked in at the small lot that is offered.

We started our late afternoon off with a dog-leg just to the right of Huggo's.  We had cocktails at Huggo's on the Rocks right next door to the main restaurant.  Huggo's on the Rocks is a barefoot, sand bar right at the edge of the ocean.  A most pleasant place to unwind and contemplate dinner next door.

We're early diners so we segued over to Huggo's at promptly 5:30 when it opened for dinner.  Already there was a line of people waiting to get into the place.

Huggo's sits right on the water with pretty sunset views.  Tables are tightly packed together, however, and we had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to an idiot who brought a huge baby stroller into the restaurant and parked it right next to our table.  Because of this, every time the hostess showed a group to a table, they practically tackled my wife brushing by. 

Folks, we raised two wonderful children and now are blessed with three lovely grandchildren.  We love kids.  But please--don't be rude and bring your entire nursery into a restaurant.  Park the damned gear in the trunk of the car and carry junior the last few feet to the restaurant.  What we endured was sheer rudeness.  Cindy had to keep me under tight control because I wanted to confront the jerk and have a chat with him outside the restaurant.  And restaurant managers, don't let his happen inside your establishments.  As a courtesy to other diners, ask morons like that to stow their portable nurseries elsewhere outside the restaurant.  Thank you!  End of editorial.

Back to Huggo's.  I started out with a wonderful Caesar salad.  Perfectly done.  Lots of garlic, just the way I like it.  My wife had a house salad and it was good.  For my main course I ordered the Ono (Wahoo) prepared with "blue swimmer crab" and a mango sauce.  My wife had a New York strip steak.

I was blown away by the proportions here.  You're lucky to get a four ounce piece of fish in Hawaii yet my Ono came with four pieces, each about three ounces.  The fish was good but the only way I could tell there was any crab involved with it was by the crunch of the errant crab shell left behind.  It was most enjoyable.

Huggo's is located in crowded downtown Kona.  It's located at 75-5828 Kahakai Road.  Reservations are highly recommended.  Their phone number is (808) 329-1493.   One way you'll know you're there is when you see the Hard Rock Cafe just down the street on the mainland side of the road.  Again, parking is tight.  Look for a dive shop sign and park in that lot just a ways down from the restaurant.  And be sure to leave extra space.  They take up every single inch of the parking lot where there is actually a spot or not.  I saw one guy's car completely blocked in.

They have a web site here.


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